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Today, I will be telling you the secret behind my smooth and bright face. It is the ‘Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash’ by Boots UK.

I started using this product last year and I think, I can now review it.A friend recommend it to me and I just had to try it out because her face is really really smooth. What I love about this product is that, it removes the dead skin cells off my face, leaving it brighter, smoother, hydrated and dirt free. image- It has whitening agents and vitamins in it. Cucumber is the main ingredient in this face wash. Cucumber is good for the skin. We eat it all the time in our salads and it treats many skin problems and keeps the skin looking younger everyday. Even when I was a little girl, my friends and I would play ‘The Spa Game’ and place cucumber on the top of our eyes without even knowing its many beneficial properties. DSC_0672Cucumber is filled with Vitamin K and C which are both useful for keeping a healthy skin.

To use this product, I put a little of it on my fingers, and I massage all over my face, avoiding my mouth and my eyes. I then rinse off my face and pat it dry with a clean towel.

DSC_0756 That is how it looks. It has a creamy texture. The packaging is simple. It comes in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes. This one that I have is 100 ml. The tube is small, but it’s okay because you only need a little of it. It lasts long and it is affordable, so you can always re-buy it. The cucumber smell is not so strong, which is a good thing. I also noticed that, it has moisturising properties in it, so it works great for people who have dry skins. Those with oily skins already have a lot of moisture. So this product will not make your faces look less oily, but it gives a glowing face. It exfoliates well, making the face look hydrated, and bright.
You can easily find this product on Amazon. If you are in Cameroon or Nigeria and don’t have a US address, sign up with Mall For Africa. If you haven’t learned how to buy using Mall For Africa, contact me. If ever, I find a place where you can buy this in Nigeria, I’ll put it here.

So, have you used this product? Please, tell me your own experience in the comments section down below. And also, please subscribe to my newsletter, so you can be notified of my next blog post.

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  1. Hey Marleys. Thank you so much for your visit. And YES!, I hope you become a regular visitor. I appreciate you!

  2. Hey Hadizafrench il love to get this Whitening Facial wash. I have tried signing up, I need you to coach me on what to use for my face?? love your face.. Great post dear?

    1. Ok Paula… But it depends on exactly what you’ll like to achieve. Do you have any problem on your face? It looks okay to me

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