MEHRON SKIN PREP PRO: A Must Have For Oily Skin

Hi ladies!

Today, am bringing to you ‘a solution’ to our biggest common problem_ Oily Skin!




This is a problem to me because, it makes my makeup melt in a short period of time. And to me, the fact that I am not the only one with this problem is a consolation. Lol! About 75%  of the women all over the world have this problem. This is why we see ladies running to all sorts of crazy beauty experts for help. Just like we heard the other time that, some ladies now use ‘Milk Of Magnesia’ on their faces. The most recent that ladies are going nuts for, is The NIVEA MEN SENSITIVE POST SHAVE BALM. I also have bought it. But, since I bought mine, I have never opened it to even know what it looks like. And eventually, I know it will end up in my brother’s room.

Look darling, I know you’ve spent all your money on different mattifying primers and you’re tired.

But today, I am introducing to you MEHRON SKIN PREP PRO formerly known as NO MORE SWEAT.


Oooh Ladies! You will love this fragrance-free liquid. It creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation, therefore stopping the sweating from melting any kind of makeup and making your makeup look fresh, new and shine free after many hours. It is a ‘Must-Have’ for oily skin.

Because I have a dry forehead, (Yes, my T-Zone is oily. My cheeks as well, but my forehead is dry) I draw my eyebrows first. When am done with that, I take a cotton ball, I pour a little of the liquid on it and apply it around my T-Zone, my under eyes and just everywhere else except my forehead. I allow it to dry very well. After it’s dried, I start with my makeup.



To make this product more effective, I use my  Graftobian Setting Spray, ( Which is now finished, but I have placed an order for a new one) at the end of my makeup.
What I noticed with this product is that, when I apply it, my face immediately feels dry and tight. But after about 4 to 5 minutes, my face becomes normal. It smells like methylated spirit. It is not small, the one I have is a 120 ml, so it lasts long. I have been using mine since March
I really love this product, it does it’s work perfectly well and I will definitely buy it again if this one I have finishes.
Stop Using Milk Of Magnesia and Buy This! Click here to know why you should not use Milk Of Magnesia on your face.

Finding this product in Nigeria or Cameroon, is not going to be easy. I bought mine from Amazon, using Mall For Africa. Its a prime product on Amazon, so you can get it real soon. If you have not yet learned how to buy on Amazon using Mall For Africa, please contact me.





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  1. I am living witness to this product. My sister used it once on me and I loved it.It does its work perfectly well. I later purchased mine and I have been using it alot.

    1. Vivian I also use mine a lot. But not everyday, so that it won’t finish quickly. Sometimes I use my Mehron Barrier Spray alone. I am glad you agree with me and thank you for visiting!

  2. Yes Hadiza, I’ve heard of this product, but I can’t buy it. Show me what to do on Mall For Africa. I already signed up

    1. Okay great. When you go there ask of Ola. Make sure to tell him you’re coming from me, for a VIP treatment. Lol

  3. Haha your blog is going far o. I saw your “Lemon Honey” Tea post somewhere on Instagram. Its your first and greatest post. I love this blog!?????

    1. Yeah like, everyone is saying that they don’t think there is even gonna be post on this blog greater than it. But I understand because, it is for both men and women. I will have many similar posts in future.

  4. I know this product. Its very scarce in Africa. Bought mine last year in Dubai, since it finished, I’ve gone round Lagos, never saw it again. Great product. Will rebuy it again, tell me about Mall For Africa

  5. Hadiza your blog is amazing ?I’m so glad I found it! I’ve almost read all your posts and I still can’t stop. Keep up the good work darling ❤️

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