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Today’s review is about the TRESemmé Shampoo and Conditioner.

First of all, it is important that I appreciate  DSTV  Channel 166. Yeah, those of us, who are regular watchers of the Zee World channel, must have seen the great commercials of these two products on the channel, each time they’d go on a break. So, I am appreciating them because, I had heard of the product when it first came out, but I just didn’t have any interest at all. So it was those commercials that actually convinced me to try it out.


TRESemmé is a big brand_ a very big brand. In the world of ‘hair care’, this is probably the first brand anyone would think of. The brand is owned by Unilever and the name is a phonetic translation of “well-loved” in French, (très-aimé).  This brand’s range of Shampoos is very  wide. They have different formulas to suit different types of hair. They have for Curls, Color Protection, Damage, Voluminizing, Anti-Breakage, Deep Cleansing…etc But the one that I am using is the ANTI-BREAKAGE formula and that’s the one am discussing today.


The TRESemmé Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner system was created to moisturize and nourish your hair, targeting the most damaged areas to reduce breakage by 80% after just one use*. Gentle and light enough for daily use, this advanced strengthening system with gelatin and vitamin B12 helps restore and revitalize distressed, weak hair to keep it smooth, healthy-looking and strong.

*Measured as breakage upon combing when using TRESemmé Anti-Breakage shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

The Formulation:  This hair-strengthening product targets your most damaged areas to reduce breakage by up to 80%. This formula, with vitamin B-12 and gelatin helps revitalize distressed hair.

The Effect: Gives you strong, smoothhair with less breakage each time you shampoo—and it’s gentle enough for daily use.


Its been five months since I started using this product. I had a serious hair breakage problem. Each time I combed my hair, the entire floor area would be filled with broken hairs. The back of my hair started chopping off, the shampoo I was using wasn’t helping and I was very worried. So, with the positive reviews from various blog sites and great TV commercials, I opted for this product.

Now, if you check the back of the bottle, it is written ‘Shows Improvement After First Use’. Look girls, they are not kidding. The first day I washed my hair with this shampoo, (I used it with the Conditioner) I saw result. I purposely didnt weave my hair, I just wore my hijab and went home, the next day I combed my hair and saw very few hairs on the floor (like 5) and a little hair trapped in my comb. And the more I used it, the better improvement I saw. And today, I have no hair loss at all. My hair is smooth now, any comb can pass through my hair freely. I love this product, I am going to definitely buy it again and I plan to remain committed to it.

The ‘Anti-Breakage’ line does a great job of keeping a healthy hair. It is great for people who want their hair to grow long because it prevents breakage. It is really a nice product and I greatly recommend it for everyone.


  1. Packaging: The shampoo and the conditioner come in very beautiful bottles. The ‘Press To Open’ covers make it easy to open and close the bottles. The bottle is very attractive. The fragance is everything. I swear to God, it smells so so nice. The conditioner bottle is always white, but the shampoo bottle has different colors.
  2. Availability: This product is sold worldwide. It is not a scarce product, so you can find it in any store at all. I got mine at the Kwara Mall here in Ilorin. Its everywhere in Lagos. Even in Abuja, I saw it last time at the ‘Everyday Supermarket’. If you dont know yet, Everyday Supermarket is next to Drumstix  on Aminu Kano Crescent, in the Wuse II area of Abuja.
  3. Price: The Shampoo and the Conditioner are usually sold at the same price. I got mine for NGN 1950 each.


In conclusion, this product is a great one. It does the job as it promises to do. It lasts long and it is very affordable. I strongly recommend this brand for everyone. Like I said, the shampoo range is very wide, so even if you wont get the ‘Anti-Breakage’ formula, there are many other formulas you can select from. Find it, buy it and use it. It is très-aimé by us all, so hopefully it will be très-aimé by you.

That is it for today’s review. If you’ve used this product before, tell me your own experience in the comments section down below. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, so you can be notified of my next post.


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    1. Yes Barbie, I even said If we meet in Abuja, I was going to force you to buy it, because I know your hair very well.

    1. Mama, this one is your final bus stop. But you know there are many formulas. So wait, lets go through all the list and pick the one that will work for you

  1. I saw this shampoo in shoprite. The bottle is so beautiful and so smooth. And I just picked it. Since then I haven’t used another shampoo. My own formula is Deep Cleansing. I love this shampoo

    1. Yes Destiny, the bottle is too attractive. And the body feels smooth. I will buy that “Deep Cleansing” formula too

  2. I know this shampoo since 2013. My sister brought it from Delhi. I even thought it was an indian brand product, when I saw the commercials on Zee World

    1. I also first thought it was an indian product because of the commercials on Zee TV. Turns out it’s owned by the Americans

  3. I use to see this shampoo o. But I thought its was like NGN 5000. I will buy it and try, my hair breakage is too bad

    1. Hi Ese, No, I don’t use phone. But on my “Lemon-Honey Tea” Post, I used my Ipod Touch 6th generation, to take the first 3 pictures. Any other photograph has been taken by a professional Nikon Camera

    2. Also on my “Boots Uk Cucumber Facial Wash” the picture where I am holding the product was also take with the Ipod’s front camera

    1. Hi Okey, sorry dear. My next will definitely be for you too. The good thing you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, so just keep checking your email, you’ll get my next post notification soon. Thank you!

  4. Miss French, I sent you a mail. I want you to do a review on my sister’s product. You saw it? I sent it to your hotmail account

  5. The picture quality is 100% good! Please Miss French, tell me how you managed to get the pinterest hover button on all your photographs. I need to learn how to do it

    1. First of, am happy you like the quality of my photographs. Second, the pinterest hover button is a long and complicated process. You’re gonna have to sit close to me and watch me do it. It involves codes and signs and symbols…

    1. Hey Ore🙋🏾

      TRESemmé is a great brand and am sure you’ll get a good result. And you’re right, the smell in 100% on point.

      Let me check your blog out😉

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