Hi y’all🙋🏾, my name is Hadiza (Did I just introduce myself?😄)

Welcome to a post that will make you say ‘WOW’. I don’t know what came over me this time. It is good to be creative, but uh… ‘BUT’ nothing! 🙂Lol… Okay, so this morning I visited a friend who lives across my street. When I was leaving, I saw this plant outside of her house. It was so pretty and it had these beautiful flowers on it. So, with my friend’s permission, I cut some of its flowers and came home with them. I then used them to create a kind of ‘flower’ polish to decorate my fingers.

Continue reading to see how I achieved that.

Use a scissors to cut out the most reddish part of the flower. When you’ve done that, you can throw the rest away. Now, use your scissors to cut out pieces of the flowers in the shapes and sizes of your finger nails.

When you’re done with that, use any light glue to stick them on your nails, like you would apply any polish and Voila!!

I won’t tell you that this is my first time of trying this. I’ve been doing this a lot. Just that the flower is not very available. I started doing this in Cameroon when I was a little girl. I have even been to a party, with this and nobody knew it was a flower. People at the party kept telling me how beautiful my polish was and I was just like ‘Thank You’.

The good thing with this is that, you can just use it for a particular event and remove it when you get home. And with the glue, it lasts even better.

Okay guys… that’s it! You’ve learned something new. You can tell me ‘THANK YOU’ in the comments section.



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  1. Wow Hadiza! This is very creative, we have this flower in our house. But I never thought of this. Now that you’ve shown me this, the flower is in trouble

    1. Yes Cherry, it has to be in trouble. Finally there is a use for it. The flowers used to just come out, shine and die. Now we know what to do with it

    1. Yes Teemah☺ It looks fresh and it feels soft. That’s why I love it. Now we have a reason to cut these flowers and take them home😉

  2. Creativity at its peak👏🏾👏🏾 It looks so real. Look at your fingers 😍😍😍😍😍 You did that with that flower I used to look at everyday on my way to school.. Unbelievable!!! 😳

    1. 😂😂😂 Yes Grace, it achieved that with it. You also can. Now you have a reason to cut out the flowers and take them home on your way back from school 😄

  3. Honestly its amazing, wonderful and unique.
    I think this will also work on lips for those that like changing their lips from black to pink.
    may be you should try it dear and know what the result will be and if the result becomes positive, then u can produce it and i bet you will make a lot of money from it. Try it because, u know there is no harm in trying.

    1. Thanks Sweno. Hmm… on the lips, I think I can try that and see what will come out of it. That’s a great suggestion. Thanks 🙏🏾

  4. Wow awesome! In fact hadizah we are married already…. She’s creative! So better come keep creating (wearing my ring)… Wink

  5. Nice one, I like it because it’s kind of natural, but guys like me are not into painting nails and stuffs like that but i think it will go well for the ladies…

    1. Exactly Mark, it’s natural. So your girl can wear to a party or anywhere, and when she’s back home, she can pull it out. Since you don’t like polish 😄

    1. Hey Precious! It is always nice to meet a ‘Cameroon’ sister on Instagram😚. At least, I’ve learned a few recipes from you.Thank you Ms. Presh🙏

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