ORANGE JUICE Featuring GINGER: Do It Yourself

Hello there?
Today’s topic looks like a song title_ Doesn’t it??
These days, am a big fan of “Do It Yourself”. I have also been eating healthy, because the doctor told me last week that, my body needs fruits. Even my potassium level was reading 3.4. Can you imagine? 3.4! That’s outside of the normal range. So, I’ve been into fruits and veggies. For the past few days I’ve become a goat, chewing lettuce and pumpkin leaves… Urgh!!!?

Today’s post is actually not new, I have been doing this a lot in the past. Its a ‘Natural’ Orange and Ginger Juice! I know how expensive, a glass of it is sold in a bar or lounge. So, I am here to tell you, to save your money and continue reading to see how to ‘Do It Yourself’

To make your own orange and ginger juice. Buy oranges, I bought NGN 200 oranges.img_6538 And of course I always have ginger in the kitchen. You can buy if you don’t have. NGN 100 ginger will be a lot.

1. Extract the juice from the orangesimg_6525
2. Get ginger
3. Clean it and use a pestle to match itimg_6526
4. When you’re done matching it, pour some hot water on it and let it sit for a while.
5. Now that you have the both… filter them, starting with the orangeimg_6528 img_6527 img_6530
6. Now that you have filtered them, mix them together. For every 1 cup of orange juice, add 1/2 cup of ginger juice. img_6531
7. If the ginger is too much, add 1/8 cup of honey to 3 cups of Orange Juice and 2/4 cups of Ginger Juice. I recommend Forever Bee Honey


And Voila?? You did it!?img_6533

You can choose to serve this when chilled or at room temperature. I did this for a friend and I. I served my friend in a glass and served myself in a “Despicable Me” Minions Ceramic Cup, because I think am still a child.??img_6536 img_6535

Make this for your husband to say “Welcome Home Honey”?

Make this for your kids to say “Welcome Home” from school… They’ll love you more


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  1. This is very detailed and very easy to make i definitely will have to try this myself because i love juices ….

  2. Babe, I like your photographs. You use a camera or what? I’ll make this juice tomorrow. I have oranges and ginger. Thanks for the recipe Miss French?

  3. Yep, I enjoyed it Hadiza. Thank you and my brother loved it too, because he drank from the one I took home. When next am I coming to your house?

    1. You can come next week. AM happy your brother liked it. Good thing is you were there when I made mine. So you can this for yourself and your brother next time ?

  4. Miss French, your blog is the best. You know exactly what we need. Imagine just coming home so exhausted and your wife makes this and says “Welcome Home Honey”

  5. Miss French, your boyfriend must be really enjoying o. From lemon honey tea, to vegetable indomie, to apple cider vinegar, now to this natural fresh juice. You’re a health expert. We need more heads like yours in this country ???? You’re a real blogger, I appreciate your work

  6. Yes o! I buy a glass of this for 2000 naira in my friend’s bar. So you mean with 300 naira, I can make this for myself, my friend and still have left over? Wow????

    1. Wow! 2000 Naira for a single glass of Orange/Ginger Juice? Some of these business owners are crazy. With less than 500 Naira, you can get this done. And it will be enough for yourself and a few friends. Plus you’re sure of quality and freshness. That’s just what I do these days

    1. Hi Awwal, thank you for visiting. What you need is a healthy diet. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day! You have to drink a lot of water, because if you don’t, you’ll be dehydrated. And when you’re dehydrated, your skin and lips will advertise it to the world. Eat plenty of fruits (Watermelon especially) and use a moisturizing lotion for your skin. That’s a good way to start

    1. What I advise you to do is buy ” Johnson’s Baby Oil”. There is the one with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The oil is a great moisturizer. Pour some of your cream in your palm and add a little of the oil, before applying on your skin. If you need a neutral cream, I recommend “Palmer’s Skin Success (Fade Milk).

  7. Guess I will wait for my own minions cup too….secondly Ur wayyo is high dat minion cup will consume more than a glass cup

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