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Today, I am finally dropping something really really makeup in my ‘MAKEUP’ Category. I am supposedly a beauty blogger. But since I started this blog, there hasn’t been any proper makeup post_ weird yeah? ? Well, that ends today, as I am introducing to you a palette. Yes, a makeup palette_ A cream contour palette from AEsthetica Cosmetics!img_5975

First, let me just say ‘I LOVE’ this palette. It is the first contour palette that I got. So, it will always have a special place in my heart. Continue reading to know my experience with this palette. 

As a makeup lover that I am, CONTOURING was something that I was always afraid and lazy to try. But, the moment I got involved in it, I am now finding it hard to live without it. I just cannot do a ‘simple’ makeup. I have to contour  this, contour that… ???

So, I found this palette on Amazon. I am always on Amazon, ALWAYS! I then searched for the product on Google to know more about it. I found millions of positive and amazing reviews from different people on different blogs. So I placed an order for it.


If you are a makeup artist or just a makeup lover, you need this in your bag. You need it!

Girls, this palette is THE TRUTH!?

It makes contouring so simple. The kit comes with 6 ‘easy-to-blend’ creams for contouring and highlighting.  img_5976 The 6 shades are HEIRESS, CHANDELIER, WANDERLUST, HONEY LOVE, SUMMER NIGHTS and CHIC PARISIAN. And guess what? To enable you contour like a pro, it comes with a face shape diagram (up to 6) and instructions on how the shades should be applied, depending on the shape of your face.

The face shapes are: round, square, heart, oval, pear and long. Let me show youimg_6162

This kit is designed to work with all skin tones. You can even mix and match the colors to achieve a custom skin tone shade. img_5970The creams are highly pigmented. The palette is sleek and the size is portable. You can travel anywhere with it. For this product to work greatly for you, you need to have a translucent powder and your brushes must be of a good quality.  As a girl, if you’re trying to step up your makeup game… getting this palette is a good way to start.

I used it the other day and I was impressed. Am not a makeup artist, I am only a lover of makeup. See pictures from the other day

img_6115 I posted it on my Snap Chat and all the girls were also impressed.


image-0-02-04-fd40cdeeddf0feba3d74015f90227c2ab4dbddcc50d810661269fc418e100387-vimg_6186As you can see, am not a makeup guru. (I no too sabi like that) ? If a pro artist had done this makeup for me, it would have been way better than this. I am sure of that.


Hmmm… beautiful! The packaging will make you fall in love instantly. The pans are removable and refillable. It has a mirror, which is great. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. It looks and feels so expensive.


For the price, I must say ‘it is worth it’. The original price on the website of AEsthetica Cosmetics is $40. It even used to be $59. But you can buy this on Amazon for as low as $30. Click here to buy it. If you don’t have a US address, you can use MALL FOR AFRICA to buy this.

So girls, I will end by saying again that, this palette is a great one. I will not post a product on my blog, unless it is a really good one and I believe in it. If you own this palette, or have used it before, feel free to share your own thoughts in the ‘comments’ section.

Thank you ??and see you on my next post!?


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  1. Because you have and love this pallette, I want it too. I’m sure I’d love it. Great post by the way, beautiful blogger too.

  2. Miss French, can’t I get this in Nigeria? You know very well that Nigerian Debit card doesn’t work on sites like Amazon

    1. In Nigeria…. I have not yet seen. BUT I did tell the company to try and send some of their products to Africa, hopefully they’ll listen to me and send it here. But for now, it’s international shopping things?

  3. Love! Love!! Love!!! Too beautiful ??? With or without the palette you’re beautiful. I saw the shoutout the company gave you ????

  4. I like the line where you say ” As a girl, if you’re trying to step up your makeup game… getting this palette is a good way to start”. You know how to get my attention

    1. Thank you Amina. That’s the whole point of writing. To convince the other person to read. And how do you do that? ???

  5. I never usually want to open any article I full. But you always get my attention with your headlines ?and then you have the right words to make me click the article in full and you lure me into putting a comment.? Qualities of a good writer?

  6. You’re crazyy Hadiza?? I know you think am patronizing you. But am serious. You are pretty and you always hide your face. Since I know you, this is the first time I see your face very well. It’s either one eye or only your forehead or only your lips or only your leg. I don’t know why you do that.

    1. Thank you Salma! Since you’re preparing for black Friday, this should be in your shopping cart.Don’t you think?

    1. Hi Maimuna? Thank you for your question. The both palettes are great. I don’t have the AnastasiaBeverly Hills palette, but people around me do. So, to answer your question, I’d say that the difference between 2 palette is “Availability” and “Popularity”. One is easily available in our market, while the other is not. One is very well known and the other isn’t.

  7. Yes Maryam, You can say that again. If you need any help getting this palette, don’t think twice, just let me know. Details on how to contact me are on


    1. Awww?? Thank you so much for stopping by. And I promise you, you will enjoy this palette. Please don’t forget to post and tag me when you receive your own palette

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