Hello beautiful people🙋

I have been away for over 90 days and I am sorry. Let me tell you something_ it’s not just you who has been missing me. I was missing you also.

Yesterday Sunday, I had plenty of fun. I was invited to a blogger taster event, hosted by Winny’s Meals and powered by TheBloggerPoint. Continue reading, and see just how great the event was.

So, I was not the only invited blogger. There was about 14 or 15 other bloggers, that I found to be great and amazing people. Yeah, some very pretty ladies.
So, this event was to start 12pm. And I got there 1pm.🙈  I swear, it was very early, compared to the time other people arrived.😉

So, after we all got to know each other, we were on the table and the food arrived.

First, they spoiled us all with some Chapman. Let me show you!

OMG! I love Chapman😍

After that, we all moved to the food area. There was this Chef who was telling us the names of everything they had brought.

He was saying things like, shrimp chicken chili sauce, combination fried rice, Chinese tradition noodles…and other things. Oh well, the one that caught my attention was the combination fried rice.

We all got served. In my plate, there was rice, shrimp, fish I think… (whatever that was), and salad.

After the food, we were all happy. We went down and took loads of photos. Let me show

This is Larissa

This is Lilian

While we were taking pictures, the driver came and I just had to tell everybody ba-bye.


I think this is a fine place. The workers treat you well. The food is well prepared, tasty and it’s fresh. The environment is clean. And you know what? It’s very affordable. They have the most affordable menu, out of all the menus I’ve seen in Abuja. I enjoyed every single moment I spent there. I love it.

Yes! The food is delicious, the environment is clean. It is affordable, the workers treat you well… Why wouldn’t I want to come? Of course, I’ll go to Winny’s Meals again. Maybe with my lover this weekend.🙈

Winny’s Meals is in Abuja. The Abuja address is: No. 8, Nkwame Nkrumah Crescent, Off Yakubu Gowon Way, Asokoro.
Winny’s Meals is also in Lagos. The address in Lagos is: House 32, Second Avenue Road, Festac Town.
Winny’s Meals is on Instagram. Why not follow them to know more? The direct link to their Instagram is @winnysmeals

Go follow them and see for yourself.
Okay sweet guys and girls, that will be all for this post. Am so happy you read it.

If you want to visit, but still can’t find your way to Winny’s Meals, please dont think twice, contact them.

And to all my new blogger friends, who attended this Winny’s Meals Blogger Taster Event with me yesterday… I love you and I want us to connect. Please drop your blog addresses in the comments section down below, so I can visit your blogs and subscribe your newsletters.😍

And of course, a very big thank you to The Blogger Point team, who made the event possible. Thank you for inviting me. I appreciate you.

Thank you and ba-bye!🙋

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  1. Oh Wow! It’s like I have seen this place before. Nice post, I may also check it out with my lover this weekend

  2. Lol Hauwa is saying the truth. There are some really amazing places in Asokoro as well. But everyone is all ‘Wuse 2’

  3. I also wanted to ask the same question. We love this post. But, we expected that “Period Girl” post. When is it gonna be up?

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