Let me first start by asking, which one of you my followers doesn’t know that I love lemons?🍋 You all know that_ I guess🙂

If you don’t, then you have to read this article.

Today’s post is about a healthy and all-natural drink that serves as an alternative to fresh lemons 🍋

Click “continue reading” and see for yourself.

This is Wilson’s Lemonade! It says on the bottle that, this drink is old-fashioned. Meaning it is made locally, free from concentrate and free from sweeteners.

Now let me mention that, I did not buy this drink. I found it inside my goody-bag from The Blogger Point Bloggers’ Brunch + Seminar 2017 that I attended.

The goody-bag had in it a lot of things and this drink was of one them. After about a month, I finally decided to try this drink. I had it very chilled and it was delicious. Already am a fan of lemons. So, it was heaven for me.

I enjoyed this drink. So am definitely going to be buying some more. And I want you to try it yourselves.

If you can’t get lemons, this drink works as a substitute. Do you want to try my lemon-honey tea and you can’t get lemons around? This is an excellent alternative. I recommend it for you. I will certainly not recommend a product to my readers, unless I believe in it.



I (right now) cannot tell you a store where you can find this. But it is sold on Wilson’s website. If you want to buy from their website, click here.

If you’ll like to know more, Wilson’s Juice is on Instagram. Follow them @wilsonsjuiceco

Their email address is info@wilsonsjuiceco.com


Alright guys, that is all for today. Thank you for reading and see you on my next post.🙂


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  1. Tried it long time ago, like last year, I love the other one with the pink bottle, you can get it in shop rite or any good mall around you. They also have I think 1ltr also..

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