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Born in Kribi and raised in Libreville, I am a Camero-Nigerian makeup enthusiast. I am obsessed with Beauty and Makeup. And this blog is the place where, I share what I rave about.

My aim with this blog is, to show you various beauty products. I (of course) will be reviewing them. We can talk about these products together. If you have used the same product, you can give me your honest opinion (In the comments section). I also will swatch lipsticks for you and if you have dupes of them, you can write them down in the “comments section” and I will check them out.

I hear somebody say “Hadiza, your aim with this blog is to show beauty and skincare products… why not simply do it from your facebook or something? Well, that’s a great question, I could have done all of these on my instagram or twitter, considering that I have a good number of followers, But, you see, I want a place I can call ‘my own’, A place I can call ‘home’. A place where I can share what I know and rant about, and have people from all over to come and live with me. Everyone is getting tired of tweeting and re-tweeting stuff. A friend said ‘Am tired of this Instagram’. I want a place where, if tomorrow twitter gets less interesting… it will still, stand strong. (like many other social apps who came and died down….  I know people on twitter who had thousands of tweets and followers, and one day… their accounts were taken down and am like ‘What the hell happened?’ There are plenty of reasons why, you could loose everything… they can hack into your twitter or twitter can suspend or expel you, and all that you have been doing for years, will go down in one minute.) That’s why, I built this house.

And also, I will talk about healthy foods and drinks. And if you have something healthy, to eat or drink, that you think I should try out, please, write it down in the “comments section” and I will definitely try it. And I also will give you a few “HOW TO” tips on healthy living and skincare. The blog is just filled with interesting topics for everyone. Hope you like it and subscribe to my newsletter to get notified of new posts.

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