Hello Everybody,??

Today’s post is my very first post on Food, and since I love food, there will be more of this kind. For a first time, I decided to do something really simple and easy. This post is going to be very pictorial, because the recipe is actually here based on ‘popular demand’ from Facebook and Snapchat friends. They have asked for a ‘step by step’ tutorial on how I prepare my indomie.

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MEHRON SKIN PREP PRO: A Must Have For Oily Skin

Hi ladies!

Today, am bringing to you ‘a solution’ to our biggest common problem_ Oily Skin!




This is a problem to me because, it makes my makeup melt in a short period of time. And to me, the fact that I am not the only one with this problem is a consolation. Lol! About 75%  of the women all over the world have this problem. This is why we see ladies running to all sorts of crazy beauty experts for help.

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Hello people??

Today, I am going to be talking about, my number one favorite tea, called the “Lemon Honey” Tea. I found this tea, only but recently. I remembered that when I was a little girl, my mother would add honey to some lime juice and give it to me and my brother, as a cough treatment, but it wasnt as a tea. So, it was just a ‘one or two spoon’ potion. Now, I loved it. I loved the sweet sour taste it had, but my brother hated it. So, I would drink mine and drink his, in secret, and he would thank me.

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