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Today, I am going to be talking about, my number one favorite tea, called the “Lemon Honey” Tea. I found this tea, only but recently. I remembered that when I was a little girl, my mother would add honey to some lime juice and give it to me and my brother, as a cough treatment, but it wasnt as a tea. So, it was just a ‘one or two spoon’ potion. Now, I loved it. I loved the sweet sour taste it had, but my brother hated it. So, I would drink mine and drink his, in secret, and he would thank me.

I grew up loving any food with a sour taste. I am not the only one, yeah. 75% of the world’s population love sour taste.

Last month, I decided to add some honey to some lime juice, as I remembered what my mum used to do for me. Then I said to mysef, “since am not having cough, and a spoon or two of this potion is boring… Why not add some hot water and sip it, forever.

Then I tried and it was wonderful. The next day, I didnt have lime again. And I was like ‘Since there is no lime, let’s make do with lemon. And since lemon is my favorite…. I never stay without lemon. I take it, just the way I take oranges.

To make your own tea, you need lemon and honey. If you’re the only one, you need just one lemon fruit, depending on the size.



I always recommend ‘Forever Living Bee Honey‘, I’ve used honey from various brands and this is the best… I will write about it



Lemon is a citrus fruit and it is filled with Vitamin C…

Add some honey to your juice

studio 10(2)


Stir it up, until the honey has dissolved

studio 10 (1)


Add hot water to it, and voila! Your tea is ready.

studio 10(4)


No sugar needed!! You can see this tip on other sites, that I will refer at the end of this post, but mine is different. Other sites will tell you to buy the lemon juice from the store. But here, I am saying you should extract the juice by your own hands. Making this tea, has become a daily routine for me. Those who are on my SnapChat, know this. I take it every morning on my empty stomach and it works great as a detoxifier.


  1. It is filled with natural enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins
  2. Effective Treatment for cough, cold and sore throat
  3. It cleanses and removes toxins from our bodies
  4. It prevents skin diseases and helps in keeping a healthy skin
  5. Reduces acne, because of its antioxidant property
  6. Honey and Lemon are both fat burners, Thus, it helps loose weight
  7. It prevents infections and diseases, because of its antibacterial and antifungal antioxidant
  8. Instant Hangover Remedy! Yeah? You read that right_ Drank a little too much? Got an uneasy stomach? Take this and give me your testimony in the comments section. 







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    1. Kello, you can use the pure natural one. But if you must get a refined one, then I recommend Forever Living Bee Honey. Its the best of its kind. I will make one for you when we meet, would you like that?

    2. Yeah kello, and about the part where you asked if you should filter the lemon juice. Yes you can,but don’t. Because when you press it, some of the sacs will fall out without bursting. Now, you don’t want to filter those out and lose your juice. So,instead of filtering, use your small spoon and remove the seeds only.

    1. Oly Cyndy, Absolutely! But,since the baby’s health is more important, you will have to remove honey from your tea. Because, honey is not good for babies. So your tea will be just fresh lemon juice and some warm water. Most pregnant women, for the first 3 months of pregnancy have a problem. And that is “Nausea”. ( If you’ve had nausea before… you know the only thing that can take it away, is anything with a sour or citric taste.) So when a pregnant woman gets nausea, the only thing she wants to see, is lemon or anything with that taste. It is a great treatment for morning sickness. So yeah,you can take it all through your pregnancy. Howdy by the way?

    2. And oly the common problems of pregnant women, are ‘constipation and indigestion’. Your lemon tea will take care of those problems.

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