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Today’s post is my very first post on Food, and since I love food, there will be more of this kind. For a first time, I decided to do something really simple and easy. This post is going to be very pictorial, because the recipe is actually here based on ‘popular demand’ from Facebook and Snapchat friends. They have asked for a ‘step by step’ tutorial on how I prepare my indomie.

One of our biggest problems is that, the foods we eat, most of the time, do not digest. ‘Indomie’ is one of them. Some people think that ‘digestion’ is automatic, and once they relax after eating, its done. No my friends, digestion is a different game entirely. I will be writing a post on how digestion works and I will tell you why you’re wrong if you thought Indomie digests in our body systems.

One key ingredient in every meal is Turmericimg_5017
I will do a blog post on ‘turmeric’ very soon. But, just know that turmeric’s work in this world is help us in digestion. This is why americans put it in everything. With this spice, no meal on earth cannot digest.

MY INDOMIE RECIPE (For 2 people)

The Ingredients

1 indomie (70 g)

Finely Sliced Carrots

Finely Sliced Green beans

Finely Sliced Onions


Green pepper

Red kidney beans

1 seasoning cube ( Maggi)

½ teaspoon ground turmeric 

½ teaspoon ground coriander

½ teaspoon ground garlic

½ teaspoon ground yellow pepper (Cameroon Pepper)

½ teaspoon curry powder

PREPARATION (Guys, learn now?)

Put some clean water in a pan and pour the ‘sachet spice’ that comes with the indomieimg_5022

After that, put your seasoning cubeimg_5023

Put in your turmeric, coriander, yellow pepper, curry and garlicimg_5024

Put your indomie inside.img_5025This is the smallest size, but you won’t believe how much will be left, even after 2 people have been served. The manufacturers of indomie made the small 70g size for one person actually, because you’re expected to garnish it with plenty of veggies to enable it digest. But No, some people will go and buy the hungry man size and finish it.?? Good Lord! Smh!

After putting the indomie, the next is your ‘finely’ sliced green beansimg_5027Followed by your green pepperimg_5013And your red kidney beans img_5029

Stir it and cover the pan. After 3 minutes, open an put your finely sliced carrotsimg_5031And your finely sliced onionsimg_5032Stir and leave it for 3 minutes and add your cabbageimg_5034

Stir for a minute and off the fire.

Well, I dont know about you, but I am hungry?img_5035Hmm…????

img_5037Bon Appétit Guys!?

So you see, its really simple and easy. Plus, it is very nutritious and 3 of your ‘5 A Day’ are here. I hope you try this in your kitchens and enjoy it.

Note that, Kidney Beans is scarce in Nigeria☹️ (Don’t know why. It is the major thing in cameroon. Its grows everywhere there), So you’ll have to make do with the ‘Canned’ Red kidney beans that is available in every supermarket.

Okay, bye??. See you on my next post and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified of new posts.

Thank You!!!??


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        1. Hiya!

          Sorry to be commenting on an old post but just thought I’d mention(incase you haven’t discovered this already/where to buy in Abuja) that raw kidney beans are readily available whenever you need them in Kano at the ‘Yan Kabba market.

          Almost every grains vendor there has them; they are sold out of sacks so you can get any quantity you want.

          I think it’s 500 Naira per ‘mudu’ (or is it half a mudu? Don’t remember 😁). If you know anybody there, you could get a vendor’s number and have them send to you whenever you want.

          P.s: Great recipe and nice Blog!

  1. Uhunnn The food of life! Once again, amazing photographs! The food looks yummy, and the spices you used are world class spices. Best Culinary Post ever!

    1. Hadiza, are you sure l’ll easily find this red kidney beans? I have every spice, but I dont think the beans will be easy to find

      1. I included this much photos because you guys? So don’t even complain. I want to see your own tomorrow. Clement you hear me so???

    1. Salmah, No problem, but not tomorrow. I’ll come to your house with all the needed things and cook it there. I use IPod Touch 6th Generation to take picture

  2. Hadiza, Thanks a lot. That is one tasty looking meal you prepared there. I’d try this out real soon. I hope mine turns out as good as yours did. 🙂

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