Hello my readers!??

Today, I am celebrating 10 years of monthly flow. Yep, since 2007! So, you can see am not a small girl. I don teyyy for the game.?  And so to celebrate, I have written this article, dedicating it to all the young and beautiful girls, who are new to this.

Hello young girl! It took me 7 months to arrange this post for you. Please click “Continue Reading” and see what I’ve put together. Thank you! ?
So, you have just started your period. You’re too shy to tell anyone. So, you started surfing the internet aaaaaand BOOM!!! You found yourself here on

Welcome! You are at the right place!!?

You see, I was born in the middle 90s. And any girl born at that time, will tell you. We didn’t have this opportunity. We didn’t have Google or anything like that. We knew very little. But now, you girls have everything. You’re so blessed.?

I was 11 when I started my period. I was in Libreville, Gabon. I didn’t even tell my mum. I knew exactly what a period was. So, I took care of it by myself. Besides, I had enough money to take care of myself. So…?

Let me tell you, my sweet friend. How you treat yourself on your period, is very important. A girl on her period should be treated like a queen, like a baby. If no one treats you like a queen, you do it yourself and forget them.

So, before your period starts, always make sure to have your sanitary pads. Now for your pads, you want to use only the best. Don’t use pads of the past. Pick a pad with a long-lasting protection, for both day and night. Me, I use ALWAYS Infinity on the first and second day. From third day till whenever, I use ALWAYS Maxi. ALWAYS is a great brand for you. It’s better for you to buy Infinity or Maxi, because these both have more coverage, and a leak guard protection that can last up to 10 hours. For a school girl, this is good news. Let me just show you the ALWAYS Infinity. This is how it looks. Infinity is made with flex foam, so it absorbs more and yet, you don’t feel any weight or even notice you are wearing a pad. Choose Infinity if you want ‘Leak Free’ nights. There are other types of ALWAYS, but I think Infinity is the latest formula. One other good thing is that, there are up to 18 pads inside. So, you can use one pack for 2 cycles. I use a pack for like 4 cycles, because I only use it for Day 1 and 2. The remaining days, I use ALWAYS Maxi. Let me show how this one looks. I fell in love with this one, because it is a jumbo pack of 45 pads. It is so soft and I never stain with it. It absorbs faster. So you see, just buy enough pads like this and keep in your room. You won’t need to buy pads in 5-6 months. It’s even more economical.

Also, for your everyday in between, you need liners. Yes, liners for your panties for you to be always prepared. Let me tell you, you may one day go to school, not knowing your period will come. If you’re wearing a liner, it can help you to not stain. I use ALWAYS Dailies for this one. The liners are up to 50, which is great. ALWAYS Dailies has 3 formulas. There is Sheer, Thin and Xtra Protection. I have tried them all, but I prefer Xtra Protection. It is very soft, unscented and has leak guard barriers to help keep you dry. The liners have adhesives that are Edge2Edge to keep the liners in place.

So now, when you wake up, take your hot detox tea. This, you must do every morning. Click here to see how to make that tea. After your hot tea, you go to the bathroom. Get naked and sit on your WC. Use a PH Balance Intimate Wash to wash your vagina very well. I always recommend VAGISIL. Hahahaha?? Somebody’s gon’ say:

“Hadiza, keep quiet. When you started your period 10 years, did you have anything like Vagina Wash?” ?? Lol! Wait, I didn’t know anything like that. But am sure there was something else. Well, it’s been 10 years. I can’t remember??

So as I was saying, there are other types like LACTACID or ORIFLAME. But, I think VAGISIL is great. It’s the only one with LactoPrebiotic. This one, you can use it every time you are on your period. Also, use it every time you poo. Yes, if you poo, press a little and use it to wash the area very well. Use either a tissue paper or one of those small square-shaped white towels to dry yourself.  And to enjoy your VAGISIL, make sure you have something like this thing in the picture below. I don’t know the name. But, see the picture. You can tell me the name in the comments section. Some people call it shower, but I don’t see how it’s a shower.

TIP: When you’re on your period, wear a pant that is a little bit small for you. This will help hold your pad, and keep it in one place, making it difficult for you to stain. If you use a big pant, it will be too free and you may easily stain.?

After you wash, leave the WC and bathe. Bathtub, shower, water in a pocket… just bathe. After the bath, use your anti-perspirant. Apply your feminine powder under your breasts. Sprinkle this powder on your pad before wearing it. You know sometimes, heat can make you sweat around your thighs. So, you also should always sprinkle this on your panties and pantie liners first, before wearing them. Your feminine powder must be 100% Talc Free. An amazing brand for you is VAGISIL. There are other brands too. But, like I said before, VAGISIL is great. Let me show you how The VAGISIL Feminine Powder looks.

When you’re done wearing your clothes, go for breakfast. You can eat noodles. Your noodles should not be plain. You’re on your period, you need plenty of veggies. There is a great indomie recipe for you. Click here and see how you can make that. You can also eat something like this_ After you eat, go to school. You can go with AMSTEL MALT, and drink it when you’re in school. You also need to drink a lot of water. Don’t joke with water. While you’re in school, don’t be afraid of leaks. You have the best pad. When you are back from school, go to the bathroom. Change your pad, bathe and wear a new one. Don’t pull your pad, fold it and drop it in the trash. Let me use a food coloring, and show you how to dispose it. Let say, this is your pad. (Am not saying your blood will be all over the pad like this o. I don’t know how I managed to get it all over. Even my hands got a share?) So, this is your pad?Hold it at the edge and open it. Pull out the absorber and flush it. Then, you’ll be left with the nylon.

This nylon ?? is what blocks toilets. That’s why they usually say: “don’t flush your used pad”. But, now that you have discovered this secret, you can flush. Now, the leather should be washed properly with soap. Then you can throw it away. This can be in your bedroom for years. Nobody will perceive anything, because it’s just a clean leather. It’s even cleaner than anything else in the trash.

After this, go and eat. Your lunch should be rich too. It should contain your 5-A-Day. Look at the plates below. For Carbohydrates, there is yam/rice. Proteins, there is kidney beans. Plenty of veggies: you have cabbage, pumpkin leaves, carrots and many more in this plate. Once you have water and maybe water melon, you have a complete 5-A-Day.
Let’s say towards 6pm, you can have a glass of fresh orange juice. I have shown you how to make your own fresh juice, click here to see it.

Later, if you feel like eating anything, you can do cornflakes/choco cereals and yoghurt or something like that. You should also have a simple salad before you sleep. Now, you can change your pad, bathe, drink a lot of water and finally sleep. Tomorrow, you repeat the same steps you took today. Hm? Trust me, there is no better treat.

Okay girls, that is all for this article. Am happy you read it. You can share it to your Facebook and Twitter friends. And to my bigger friends who have also “teyyyy” in the period game, you can contribute to help the little girls who will read this article. They need to hear from you.

If there is anything I did not mention, that is very important to the period girl, please help us by putting it down in the comments section. We will be very happy to hear from you.

If you have any questions or need more light on any part of this post, you can click here to see how to contact me.



  1. Good day ladies, it’s also healthy during your period to take more of warm or hot water if you can, we all know how satisfying that cold ice water is but for your own comfort, take warm water or hot if you can…loosen the muscle below and the flow come freely without the tightening effect causing you serious pain, also do your daily exercise it’s highly needed to free the muscles…hadiza always has healthy tips for you so don’t be scared to ask questions if you’re confused.

    1. Thank you Prevailler?? I appreciate you. Great tip for the little girls. Hot tea is the best for a time like this

    2. What Prevailler said is correct. Cold things are not even advisable in the first place. I take some really hot tea twice a day when am on my period. Great tip

  2. Hey girls on d flip side many of us are still oblivious of the fact that washing the V with soap or any harsh washing agent is wrong…A lot of water (warm) is most appropriate…

    1. You can use your intimate wash, most of them come with lil foaming agents which is nice, and it you must not use it every day. It is important to wash after your monthly circle.

  3. I am married and I have been using Feminine Wash for a long as I can remember. I don’t see where the problem is. These are medically tested and approved soaps. And they are PH balanced. So, Busayo your idea of feminine wash is not correct

  4. Hey Busayo, am 24. I started using feminine wash as early as 18. At first you’ll hear things like it’s wrong and all… But trust me, it’s okay to use it. Find a good and you’ll enjoy it.

  5. Hey Busayo, am 24. I started using feminine wash as early as 18. At first you’ll hear things like it’s wrong and all… But trust me, it’s okay to use it. Find a good and you’ll enjoy it.

  6. A feminine wash is not even a “period time” something alone. It’s an everyday something. Every girl needs one. The only thing is for you to find a good one. I started with femfresh. But now am with Lactacid

  7. Hello girls. Guess what? All the big, fancy girls you see on TV all use a feminine wash. Huddah Monroe uses Oriflame. I also use it. Most of these TV actors use it too. They say it’s bad, but it’s sold in every major pharmacy… So???

  8. OMG! This Feminine Wash has got more fans than I will ever do.? Personally, I love the thing. I started with Femfresh. I tried all the Femfresh formulas. Then I moved to Lactacid. Now am with Vagisil and I will never leave it

  9. Am not here to argue, but I’ll say any girl who doesn’t have a feminine wash in her bathroom is ignorant and outdated. Or maybe just broke

    1. Haba Freda! How much is it? 1500?? Even a beggar can afford. It has to do with belief. They don’t believe in it.

  10. Am not interested in arguing for or against a Feminine Wash. Ms French, my interest is in the way you dispose your sanitary pad. So, you actually open it up. You don’t just throw it away? Because I usually just pull it, wrap it and drop it in the trash.

    1. Shirley, I was just like you once. But you see, this is better way. Not many people know about it or even do it. The reason is because, they think its stressful. Another reason why many people don’t do it, is because they think a used pad is too dirty to be touched. They are irritated by their own used pad. They don’t even want to look it. But, I’ll tell you. It’s the best. It’s neat and no one will ever see your blood. Like me now, you can’t see my blood physically or spiritually. Try this method, you’ll love it

      1. Oh wow. I will try it this month. I know some people are irritated by their own blood. I know that and I don’t see why. Thank you so much Hadiza!

  11. My aunt does it this way too. She tried to teach me once, but I never gave her attention. Maybe I’ll try it now. Hadiza since when have you been doing it this way?

  12. Hey Hadiza! Am 19 and it’s been 3 years since I have started my period. My question is this: Is my menstrual blood supposed to be smelling?

    1. Hey Godiya! Sorry I am replying late. Just like Aisha said, your menstrual blood smells like any other blood. If wear only 1 pad from morning until the night, it will change the smells. But not too bad for someone else to notice it… Well, tell me something. What is the smell like? So I’ll know if its an infection.

  13. Also one should understand the danger of using pain killer during our monthly flow rather we should use hot water rubber bag to massage the stomach and waist line… and try to change at least trice daily to stay healthy and fresh…

  14. most people don’t get feminine wash is VERY OK when washing our cokkiejar? use the wash on d wall in and out with your choice feminine wash just DONT use it inside ur Virgina (inside the hole)use enough water to wash inside I repeat WATER ALONE and that’s it…@godiya menstrual blood smells like blood I think it stinks when you wear your pad for long hour so to avoid that change ur pad atleast trice daily

  15. It is very essential for every girl to keep herself very clean when she is on her period, to avoid bad odour, itching and most likely any irritation or infection. Just like hadiza, I had a similar experience when I started menstruting. I was so shy I could not tell anyone but I later came to realize that though periods might be filled with monthly pain, mood swings and so on, it is also a thing of joy to experience your period because it is actually very fascinating how the females body works. One more thing, I had this experience in high school where I did not see my period for 3months, please girl do not panick when such happens except you might have been sexually in contact with a guy, then there might be a risk of you getting pregnant but if not usually it occurs when your bodyis not used to the environment or undergoing some hormonal changes No panick! Just give it time it will come around?Thanks! I hope this is helpful to some of you.

    1. Aww?? Thank you so much. This is very helpful. And yes, a period is a thing of joy. I feel so good when am on my period.

  16. Hello the only rare pink, u such an incredible bunch of talent that is distinctively seldom to come by. What a display of unprecedented putbust of innovation. Pls keep it on

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