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I know that, it’s been such a long time since I came around this little blog of mine. Today I am showing you just one of my many skin care routines. Continue reading to see what I have for you?

All the time, my friends want to know how and why my face is always smooth. They think it’s a cream…. Naaah it’s not! There are certain things I apply on my face all mornings and nights to achieve that. And today, I will show you one of them


I am not going to give myself the credit for this secret, because it is not my invention. I learned this from my Chinese blogger friend. She is a pastry chef actually… So she thought us how to make a type of Chinese bread and then she said that, whenever she made that bread, she only used egg whites. As for the egg yolks, she applies it all over her face to make it soft and smooth and you know… That’s how I got to know about this?

Now that you know the history… let’s start

First, you need 1 egg yolk. 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, 1/2 of pure glycerin, a small bowl and of course a mini mirror. My Chinese friend only uses egg yolk. The idea of lemon and the glycerin is entirely mine.

So get your bowl

Divide a lemon fruit and squirt 1/2 teaspoon of its juice into it.

Add 1/2 of the glycerin and stir together

Add 1/2 of the egg yolk, right on top of that and stir. You’re done!

Now, on your already cleaned face, massage the mixture gently. Do it over and over and over until your mixture is almost finished. Don’t get tired. When you’re done, the remaining lemon is very useful. Use it to make yourself a detox tea. Click here to see how to do that.

You can go and bathe or eat. Do whatever you want for about an hour or more.

Once it’s dry, go wash your face and see how nice, smooth and fresh it is… Yayyyy????

So can you see how my face is? Do you see how smooth it is? That’s the power of the egg yolk. I do this as often as I remember.

The reason why I added the lemon is, because I don’t just want to smooth face, I want it bright as well and Lemon is a lightening agent. Recently I’ve been having a dry face. Glycerin will take care of that and give it some moisture.

Alright guys, that’s it for this one. Have you been using egg yolk on your face? Are there better ways to use it? Don’t be shy! Be bold to drop your thoughts under the comments section below. Myself and everyone else will be happy to hear from you. You can share this routine to your Facebook or Twitter friends… I will be happy?

Bye and see you on my next post?


  1. Nice one sweetie. How about just egg yolk would it make my face smooth too. And I have blackheads I want o get rid off. If u have a fast solution please share. Ward regards ?

    1. Yes Aisha! Very smooth. The woman who thought me this doesn’t even use lemon. I added it because Lemon makes you lighter. You can do it just like that

    1. Glycerin is in every major store out there.. Do you live in Abuja? If you do, I can suggest specific stores to you

  2. Awwnn… I can’t wait to give it a try…
    Its gonna be bomb???.
    Will do the mixture and you apply for me @French???

  3. Finally!!?? Your secret facial care routine! I’m one of those people who always ask you for product you use to achieve such a healthy and clean face. This is a must do for me. I’ll definitely try this out… thanks for this post, very very helpful.❤️

  4. Nice one but don’t forget to invite me ur lecture when next u are doing that. Bcos will love to learn that from u. Thanks for the idear

  5. I will love learn that from u when next u are doing that.pls don’t 4get to invite me for the lectures, I will be waiting ,thanks for the idear

  6. I will love learn that from u when next u are doing that.pls don’t 4get to invite me for the lectures, I will be waiting ,thanks for the idears

  7. Running to the store to buy my eggs now! So this is what you have been doing and never bothered to share. Nawa o. Anyway will definitely try this and see it if yields any results.
    And welcome back to the blog, we missed you small.

    1. Normally, the only thing you are to use, is the egg yolk. And it works for any kind of skin in the world. But like I said, the addition of lemon and glycerin is entirely my idea. The lemon is to brighten your face, if you notice you’re getting darker. So if you have an already bright face and you don’t need any more brightness, don’t put it. Then the glycerin is just to give you some moisture. Like I said, I have been having a dry face lately, so the glycerin will solve that problem. So if you don’t need moisture, don’t put glycerin in it.

  8. Ýour blog is really amazing. You have great content’s. I’ll really do well to always check u up and Turnot on my notification

  9. Can I mixed mine with rose water, considering I don’t have glycerin. And how long can you save the Remaining in the fridge

    1. If you don’t have glycerin, do the mixture without it. But don’t use rose water as a substitute. The only reason I added glycerin is to give the face a little moisture, so that it doesn’t look too dry.

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