COUSCOUS RECIPE: Make it like a pro

Hello everyone??‍♀️

Even though this is such a busy week for me, I am quickly going to upload my couscous recipe for you_ my darling readers. And if you follow my steps, I promise you’ll make it just the way you saw it on my Instagram page. It will come out 1 1? Continue reading and enjoy…

  • To make this, I used:

5 cups of couscous

Carrots, green peas & beans, green pepper

Ginger, garlic, red pepper, scent leaves

Ground curry, ground coriander, onions

Canola oil (or any oil of your choice)

I used 5 cups because, am gonna eat this with a friend. If you’re alone, you can make a half batch of this recipe, or you can make a double batch if there are many people in your house.

To start, wash the meat very well and put it in a pot. Cut the onions and green pepper and put it inside. Put your coriander and curry. Grate the red pepper and put it inside, add the scent leaves. Chop the ginger and garlic and put them inside. Add seasoning cubes of your choice. I used Maggi Star.

Once you’re done, put the meat on fire and cook.

While the meat is cooking, arrange your carrots and green beans. Wash them well together with the green peas

Carrots, green beans and peas

Now the meat is done. Bring down the pot of meat, carefully remove the meat from the pot. Use a sharp knife to cut the meat in small pieces. The water from the meat is everything_ that’s what will determine the taste of the couscous. That’s why it’s very important for you to season the meat very well before cooking it. Through a sieve, pour the water from the meat into a bowl, so that the water comes out clean and all the onions, scent leave and all that shit is removed. Keep the water and throw away all those things.

Canola Oil

Pour canola oil a medium pot, and throw in onions that you’ve chopped. Pour the meat water into the frying onions and turn it. Add clean water to the meat water, so that it will be enough for the couscous. Because the meat water alone is not going to be enough. Add salt and 1 more seasoning cube according to your taste. As the water is starting to boil, bring up your couscousPour the couscous into the water in circle. Make sure you’re pouring it equally, no side of the pot should have just water, while other sides are filled with couscous. It should be leveled. Pour the couscous until it’s about same level with the water and leave it. DONT TOUCH IT!! DONT STIR!! LEAVE IT!!

Once the water has dried and the couscous is starting to burn from under, then you start raising the couscous up. Don’t stare it like tuwo. Just try to scatter it, by bringing it up and down. You’ll see it coming out 1 1. Throw in the meat, carrots, green beans and peas and turn it

And VOILA! You did it????

I told you I ate this with a friend. I added fried plantains to the side and we had the best lunch ever.

Bon Appetit!?

Plate of couscous







I have not even started eating. My friend is already half way?.Alright guys! That’s the recipe that you asked for. I hope that many of you have the time to do it at home and enjoy it. And of course, I will be very happy if you tag me on Instagram or mention me on Twitter when you make yours, so that I can see it.?

Thank you so much and see you whenever I am less busy.? And don’t forget to share this recipe with your Facebook and Twitter friends. ❤️?

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  1. I may try this recipe. I don’t even like couscous on a normal day, there are very few people who can cook couscous that I will eat, but this one looks delightful. Can I use chicken? I don’t really like beef.

  2. Thank you for sharing this invaluable piece of information Hadiza.

    As a foodie, it feels exhilarating to add the knowledge of preparation of another indigenous cuisine to my arsenal of naija recipes.

    Bon appetite!

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