For a period of one month, Ramadan happens once every year. It is a month, when Muslims observe the practice of fasting by abstaining from Food, Drink, and some other things between sunrise and sunset. During this period, it can be a bit difficult to still get the right nutrients that the body needs to keep you strong.

That is why in this article today, I will be telling you how and what I’ve been eating to remain strong and healthy since Ramadan started. Click on “continue” to see what I have for you.SAHUR

When choosing what to eat for Sahur, I go for foods that will keep me energetic during the day and help me to handle the feeling to eat or drink.

1. Fruits and Water

Eat fruits like Watermelon, Pineapple, and Orange because they have high water content in them. These will help keep you hydrated during the day. On the hand, Banana has vitamins that will keep you energized and the potassium in it will reduce the level of salt in your body, making you to not feel too thirsty. You can even make smoothie by combining Banana and watermelon, just as you see in this picture.

Strawberry and Banana Mixture

2. Protein Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in Proteins like Beans, Hummus, Boiled Eggs, nuts and seeds, Greek yogurts are very good for the body, because they keep you fuller for a longer time. They delay the feeling of hunger in you and give you energy which is great for you.

A plate of hummus from City View Restaurant, Wuse 2, Abuja

3. Starchy Foods

Starchy foods such as rice and couscous will help you stay full while fasting.


4. High Fiber breakfast cereals

Cereals like Nestlé Golden Morn are filled with Vitamins and Minerals that will provide extra nutrients to your body. And since you eat them with Milk, you also get to benefit nutrients like Calcium and Vitamin B


1. Hydration

Iftar starts with hydration. I eat fruits and drink plenty of fluids, from water to my homemade fresh juice

Orange and Mango Juice

2. Dates (Dabino)

Eating dates are very good for the body during Iftar, because dates give the body sugar to solve the problem of low blood sugar after fasting all day. Dates have vitamins and minerals, and the sugar in them give the body an instant source of energy. It is also Sunnah to eat dates, as the word “date” is mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 20 times.

3. The main course

For the main course, you can eat Chicken or Fish.

Chicken Curry with white rice_ Duo Restaurant, Wuse 2
Fish_ The Jerk Shack Restaurant, Wuse 2

You can eat healthy carbohydrates like Rice. You can also eat cooked vegetables or raw vegetables like Salads.

Salad from So Fresh Nigeria. Photo Credit:

Whatever it is, just focus on foods that are easy to digest.


*Remember the reason for water, dates and plenty of fruits first, is to allow the digestive system prepare itself for the main course. If the first thing you eat is too heavy, it will lead to constipation, because your internal digestive system will not be able to move any heavy food until it starts functioning.

*During Sahur, avoid very salty as they will make you to be thirsty. There are people who do not eat anything for Sahur because they believe it will only make them too hungry during the day. If you’re one of them, please stop it and try and eat something. It’s not about what you believe or what you think. It is about your body and not putting it through stress.

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Thank you so much for reading. If you’ve been wondering how to eat properly, you can use any of all I mentioned up there, as a guide to what is right for you to eat. If there are other very nutritional foods to eat during Ramadan that you know and I didn’t mention, please write it down in the comments section below. Myself and others will be happy to hear from you. Thank you !

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  1. I love Salads and I have been hearing about that So Fresh NG. I heard they are very good with Salads. Where is their shop? Please

    1. So Fresh is in Wuse 2 by…. I think Agadez crescent. Follow them on Instagram @sofreshng And yes the salad from there is yummy😋

    1. It is me who is thanking you for taking time to read. I really appreciate🤗 And I hope you learned something new by coming here ❤️

    1. Wow! Look at that!! All the way from Cameroon. And he wrote Yusuf in French. Youssouf ça va? And the Ramadan? Ça va bien?

  2. This so incredibly beautiful. It looks so tempting and would be very healthy especially for someone who is fast to break it with such combination of drinks and meal. Lets support her and also ourselves to live a very healthy life. Thank you so much Hadiza for this input and God bless.

    1. Umar this comment means a lot to me. Thank you for reading and God bless you too. Enjoy this Ramadan

  3. Marvelous mouth watering cuisines matching the Ramadan season’s special needs presented in the most lucid way.

  4. İftar için cityview restourant çok iyi bir seçim. Eger evde daha güzel iftar sofrası hazırlayamıyorsanız.
    Sahur da ise sadece su içmeyi tercih ediyorum.

    1. Karx what are you saying?😂 The only words I can recognize are Iftar, City View and restaurant. Why did you decide to punish me like this? I know what to do to you

  5. Very good choice of restauant in cityview for iftar. If you can not prepare a better iftar table at home.
    I prefer to drink only water in Sahur.

    1. Finally! So you purposely decided to punish us first😂 You’re right! I love City View restaurant. The food there is amazing. I just sent you a message on WhatsApp asking why you only drink water for Sahoor

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