Binatone Juice Extractor

I first saw this machine 2 years ago, in a friend’s house. We went out that day and bought so many different fruits and vegetables. When we got to their house, we started washing and cleaning them. Once we got done, they just put them in this machine and boom!!! Juice started coming out. With the ginger, turmeric, watermelon, carrots, and cucumber that we used that day, we were able to get about 3 liters of juice. We drank some of it immediately and stored the rest in the fridge.

When I got back home, I started looking the internet for this machine. I found different brands with different prices that varied from 20,000 to up to 80,000. This is Binatone Binatone has the cheapest one at 20,000. So if you want to buy yours today and you’re looking for the one that is very affordable, go for Binatone. I finally bought mine and I don’t regret it at all. I extract juice from everything I need. From carrots, to cucumber, to ginger, to coconut, to beetroot, to watermelon and many more. Here are pictures from yesterday’s work

I also made ginger and cucumber juice. Here are the photos


First, I want you to know that it is very easy to use. It comes with its own cup to fit the mouth where the juice down out from. It has button 1 and 2. Button 1 is for soft things like pineapple, cucumber, ugu leaves. Button 2 is for hard ones like carrots, ginger, the back of watermelon, coconut. When you buy this machine, it comes already set up from the carton. So you don’t need to arrange anything. It is after the first use, that you will open it, because it needs to be cleaned and set up again for next time.

This is what it looks like after the work is done So, all you need to do, is put it apart and throw away all the shafts and wash it well.


This product is available at all the Shoprite outlets. I bought mine at GAME in Jabi lake mall. You can go directly to their office in Abuja. You can follow them on Instagram @binatoneafrica


Conclusion is that, the machine is very handy. Easy to use and easy to clean. Very useful. For someone like me who doesn’t eat enough vegetables, this is everything. Because I get to make up for that. Buy this machine and you will thank me latter. If you already have it, tell me what fruits and vegetables you usually put in the machine. Let me also add it because so far, I do only carrots, cucumber, ginger, watermelon and coconut.

Thank you!❤️

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  1. I saw this machine once. But I never really paid attention to it. This is wsyyy cooler than I thought. Exactly where did you buy yours?

    1. Halima I know that manual one you’re talking about. But it’s like you have to use your hand to do the grinding. This one, you don’t do anything. It’s the best

  2. Yes I can attest to what she said and did, because I witnessed it first hand and I also drank some of it. She’s very good at what she does. Thanks dear.

      1. Diza, there’s nothing as good as making life easy for oneself. I love your taste for great and awesome household wares. I think I’ll also need one of this in my house. Enjoy!

    1. My Aunt onced ask me to buy it but it’s kinda hard to get in adopting bayero mall shoprite only the ones made by LG are available and she don’t get to use them

  3. We had similar one when i was a kid but very where you can grind meat for meatballs and all. It’s really good, multipurpose we used to make different fruits juice with my siblings.

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