So many times, I have been asked this question. Which is better? A yogurt bowl or a smoothie bowl? Believe it or not, this is a difficult question. Growing up in Douala as a child, yogurt was the way to my heart. But is there really any child out there who does not like yogurt? I highly doubt. I am now in my late 20s and yogurt is still something I cannot say ‘NO’ to. When it comes to smoothie, I honestly cannot remember it being given to me as a child. My parents never gave it to me and I can understand why. The first time I was introduced to smoothie, I was already a teenager and I cannot say I was impressed. In this post, I will tell you how I transited from ‘smoothie skeptic’ to ‘smoothie believer’, and also compare yogurt and smoothie bowls, so you can choose what might work best for you.

One thing that puts a smoothie bowl ahead of a yogurt bowl is that, you cannot predict the taste of a smoothie bowl. If I gave you a yogurt bowl right now, you probably already know what to expect with the taste. It is not the case with a smoothie bowl. The taste of a smoothie bowl will vary from what fruits were selected, what milk was used and sometimes even the quality of those fruits play a role, because a rotten or sour fruit will not give you the same result as a fresh and sweet one. Then, there are those who add vegetables to their smoothie. I am one of them and I always add spinach to my smoothie bowl.

The thing about smoothie is that you need to know what you like a person to be able to make a good selection of fruits. I told you earlier that the first smoothie I had was not impressive. And years later, I can comfortably explain why I did not like that smoothie. First, it had the wrong combination. Guava and watermelon were the leading fruits and they were poorly blended with all the seeds left out. Just because you love a fruit does not mean you will love that fruit in a smoothie_ always remember this. Some fruits do very well only when eaten as they are. Put them in a smoothie and they will not do so well. I know what fruits work well for me and whenever I want to make a smoothie, I use only those. Banana, Avocado, Pineapple, Mango, Seedless grapes, Apple and Plum make up my choice for a perfect smoothie. For more nutrients and a greener color, spinach is excellent.

The importance of a very good blender cannot be over-emphasized. You need a very good blender that will give you a smooth and creamy smoothie that is free of lumps. I use the Binatone KM-1300 for all my smoothies, because my Binatone FP-850 is used for my cooking. In the past, I had to use the same blender jar for pepper, tomato, smoothie and it was crazy having to clean it with vinegar all the time. Soon as I bought the KM-1300, I dedicated it strictly to anything milk and fruits. Just take a look at this creamy smoothie

You also might want to know what milk is better. You can honestly use any milk of your choice. I have only used whole milk and almond milk in the past. I have heard of skimmed milk being used, so you can try that. And the quantity of milk you use matters. Remember that most of these fruits contain liquid. You have to be careful not to go and add too much milk and end up with a runny mixture.

Let’s even talk about the cost implication. As stressful as smoothie making seems, it is actually cheaper. A liter of a very good yogurt out there will cost you about 3000 Naira. If you are using one of those Greek yogurt cups they sell out there, it is about 2500 Naira so the small size. Meanwhile, 500 Naira Banana can be used multiple times. A pack of grapes can be used multiple times as well. And it is the same for all the other fruits. Even spinach, 500 Naira spinach usually comes in a pack and you will have to use it so many times.

Let’s discuss the toppings for either of bowls. The most common topping is pomegranate arils. Seeds are also very well used as they an excellent source of Fiber. If you have issues emptying your bowel, don’t even go far. Make this smoothie bowl and use chia seeds as topping. Do it and come back to me with your feedback. The truth is that, when it comes to topping your smoothie or yogurt bowl, the sky is your only limit. Someone like me, I will use chia seeds, flaxseeds, pomegranate arils, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, red currants, kiwi, almonds, oats and any other thing out there that suits my tastebuds.

Flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3 and they have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. If you notice, I am always with my kitchen scale. These things cannot be overdosed. You need to measure everything in grams. I was told that 15-20 grams of those seeds per day is just okay. As for the berries, you don’t want to overdose. 3-4 of each type is okay a day please. Half cup of pomegranate arils a day is just fine. Remember they are very expensive, so you have to use them wisely by taking a portion that is just okay.

I had to use granola one time when I ran out of oats and it was quite interesting. This particular brand was introduced to me by a friend who is a fitness activist. Let me just show you the picture.

You can use half of kiwi or a full kiwi. But half is usually just okay.

For comparison, I would say that a yogurt bowl is good for when you are in a hurry. You are rushing for work and yogurt is already available, you can use it. But if you have some time, a smoothie bowl is much more interesting and consider all the nutrients and vitamins that each fruit that you picked has to offer. I was once just into yogurt bowls, but once I started selecting my own smoothie ingredients and making it myself, I just became a smoothie bowl lover. Smoothies sold outside will always seem weird to you. So my advice is pick your fruits yourself, get a powerful blender and make your own smoothie at home.

You cannot rule out yogurt completely, because there are definitely times you will not have the time or the mindset to make smoothie. That’s when yogurt will come to the rescue.

Let me share more photos

Okay everyone… nothing more to be said I believe. If you have other healthy toppings that you’ve been using, be kind to share with me in the section. Bye for now, until next time.


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