Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags?

Tea Lovers will always find themselves in a ‘tea bag or loose leaf’ debate. And if you are team loose-leaf like I am, you probably first started with tea bags before you got introduced to Loose Leaf. And it is the same for me, I started with Lipton, Top Tea, Twinning and Ahmad Tea in that order. Around 2017, there was Batsam Tea which I also drank a lot. But all that stopped the moment I was introduced to Loose Leaf Tea and hopefully, this blog post will convince you to join the Team.

My Loose Leaf Tea Journey

The first ever Loose Tea I drank was from Adagio Teas and this 2018. I enjoyed it so much that I found it hard to believe it was tea. You know the traditional tea in bags always has to weird taste, which you need honey to mask it off a bit. But this tea was delicious, goddam it. I even bought the IngenuiTea Tea Pot back then, just to tell you how obsessed I was. Here is a picture of the pot.

Then I did some research to learn more about this type of tea. I tried different brands including Tiesta Tea and Tealyra. A friend introduced me to a small tea company called “Loose Leaf Tea Market” based in Phoenix, Arizona. Around I was a bit ill and I needed just general wellness tea. When I browsed this business on their website, and Instagram page, I discovered a lot. They have tea for brain health, stomach ache, menstrual cramps, inflammation, better night sleep and the list goes on. And even though they are based in America, they ship to anywhere in Nigeria for like $20 or so.

So I ordered my first batch just to see if they are as good as they say. When my tea arrived Nigeria, the packaging was mind-blowing and they gave it lots of gifts. I had their Daily Detox, An Elephant Never Forgets and Strawberry Kiss (which they now call Strawberry Lemonade). After this batch, the rest is history. I have since become an advocate of the brand and I buy tea only from this company till date.

How I Brew My Tea

I take this every morning and night and I have them in Variety, which I will show you later on. It is organic, caffeine free, definitely not bitter, which makes honey optional. I usually brew it hot with a little honey and let it cool down before putting it the fridge and it is so tasty.

I have this glass bottle that I love to use for my cold brew teas

This glass bottle was wrapped by me using the sticker from one of the teas in my last order. The tea is called “Bye Bye Bloat” and it is excellent for any stomach related discomfort. When I unbox my tea, I usually just keep the stickers and use it to decorate my jars.

In this picture, all the small packets are free gifts and the infuser mesh ball too is free.

For clarity, the name of the tea in this jar is ” Butter Pecan Oolong” and it is one of the many free samples I received in my last order. Let me just show you the content of my recent purchase

After brewing it hot, I let it cool down and kept it in the fridge for about 5 hours and it super delicious.

And I enjoyed it all alone with 2 giant chocolate croissant

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better?

  • Loose Leaf Tea is infused better, which makes the flavor and aroma stronger.
  • With Loose Leaf, you get a better quality of tea as opposed to tea bag which is just like shaft and dust.
  • Loose Leaf Tea is very fresh. When you receive your order you will see it so fresh, but bagged tea is always old.
  • The nutrients in bagged tea always get trapped in the bag. But Loose Leaf is not like that. You get all the nutrients and benefits of tea.

Here Is A 10% Off Coupon Code

If you are considering trying Loose Leaf Tea, I absolutely recommend Loose Leaf Tea Market. And you can use coupon code “HADIZA” for a 10% off anytime. And no, this is not a sponsored ad. The code was given to me 4 years ago and I am happy to share it with my readers, who are interested in making healthy choices.

Alright, it is 4:17am at the time of this writing and I think I need to go off line. You can write what you think in the comments section and I will be happy to respond. Bye for now

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