Hello girls??

Today, I am finally dropping something really really makeup in my ‘MAKEUP’ Category. I am supposedly a beauty blogger. But since I started this blog, there hasn’t been any proper makeup post_ weird yeah? ? Well, that ends today, as I am introducing to you a palette. Yes, a makeup palette_ A cream contour palette from AEsthetica Cosmetics!img_5975

First, let me just say ‘I LOVE’ this palette. It is the first contour palette that I got. So, it will always have a special place in my heart. Continue reading to know my experience with this palette. 

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MEHRON SKIN PREP PRO: A Must Have For Oily Skin

Hi ladies!

Today, am bringing to you ‘a solution’ to our biggest common problem_ Oily Skin!




This is a problem to me because, it makes my makeup melt in a short period of time. And to me, the fact that I am not the only one with this problem is a consolation. Lol! About 75%  of the women all over the world have this problem. This is why we see ladies running to all sorts of crazy beauty experts for help.

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