I am happy you made it to this page. It means you may be interested in any one of my services below.

1. Web Design

My Web Design services depend greatly on the type of Website you want. I usually design the following types:

No matter the type of website you want me to design for you, I will deliver a professional and responsive website that will keep you impressed. You will first have a free consultation with me, to help me better understand your needs and we will also discuss pricing. After that, I will take these steps:

  • Get you a domain name and up to 20GB Disc Space with a reputable Web Hosting Platform
  • Run WordPress CMS and configure it to make your website skeleton optimal
  • Install a theme and then use my Elementor expertise to create a website that is responsive
  • Install relevant plugins to make your website safe and also perform better in Search Engines.
  • After I am done, you will get up to 3 months support free from me.
  • I will also give you free training to teach you how to use the CMS, update your plugins, troubleshoot basic server errors, backup your entire website, and keep it safe from hackers.

Don’t be afraid to trust me with the backend of your website. I am a licensed cPanel operator and this means that I know the  in and out of a cPanel. You can click here to view my license 

2. CV, Resume, Cover Letter

If you recently graduated from school or you are just starting a career, writing a CV and cover letter may be a problem for you as you don’t yet have a good knowledge of what recruiters mostly look out for.

Asides from being in the HR field myself, I have had the opportunity to be very close to recruiters who gave me some great tips for writing CVs and cover letters. 

With my experience, I can guide you through your job-seeking journey. I will give a professional touch to your CV, which will grab the attention of the hiring team and increase your chances of getting hired. Send me an email to get started. You will also get free training from me on how to make updates to your CV whenever you need to.

3. Instagram Management

As a business owner, social media is great way to connect with your customers and reach new audiences.

Instagram helps you raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, generate leads and drive sales. But you need to know how to use this platform to your advantage, as you will have many competitors trying to grab your customers attention. 

As a Google Digital Marketing and E-Commerce graduate, Social Media Marketing is one of the things I was taught. I can help you set up your Instagram Business Page and optimize it for maximum impact. I will help you create engaging content, run campaigns, and help you build relationships with customers. You can click to view my Google Digital Marketing and e-commerce certificate

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